Pastor Andy’s Interview by Quintin’s Close-Ups™


On Saturday, October 21st, 2017, Quintin Washington interviewed Pastor Andy Thomas at the College of Charleston.

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I had a great time being interviewed by Quintin.  I enjoyed getting to know Quintin, as well.  But, in the course of the interview, I think I left out a few things:

1. Regarding my being adopted, I did not talk about my parents (the ones who adopted me and raised me) The Thomas‘ .  What a privilege I had being raised by wonderful parents in a wonderful family.  I came from a very disfunctional, very unwholesome home (of my birth parents).  My dad passed recently so I made a video tribute to him and posted it on YouTube – CLICK HERE – to watch that video online. It will fill in the gaps regarding my upbringing and my testimony of my salvation in Jesus Christ, etc.

2. Regarding New LIFE Fellowship – meeting in homes.  Just a wee bit of clarification, here. We are meeting in homes, now, because our rent was raised at Haut Gap Middle School on Johns Island, where we were meeting on Sunday Mornings for about a year.  So, after that, we chose to meet in homes until we have enough people and financial giving to afford renting a place for our Public Worship Celebrations, again.  Please, pray for us.
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God Bless y’all


Pastor Andy Thomas