Miracles of God, the Gospel, and Persecution. Would you proclaim Jesus Christ, the Gospel and the Word of God even when it might cost you your life? Will you stand strong in the face of Persecution, and continue to spread God's Word in spite of the threats?
Church - The Beginnings - Part 11 -- Healing at the Temple - Part 4 Bold, Evangelistic, Gospel-Spreading Prayer Did you know that Jesus and His Apostles gave us commands, principles, and examples of Evangelistic Prayer?  Is your Prayer-Life filled with Mission-Supporting, Evangelistic Prayer? Listen online, now, to learn how you can enhance your prayer-life with Evangelistic Prayer.
Simply Biblical Church Leadership - Leadership: God's Way - Part 3 What Foundations and/or Roots of Leadership were the Apostles looking to, to develop a Simply Biblical System of Leadership for this new church? What type of Leadership System did God provide to Moses that the Apostles used?
Why did Jesus choose Saul? The greatest of persecutors of the church, and he gets saved. How is that fair? What can we learn from this very, very UNIQUE event in History? How should this spur us on toward Prayer and Evangelism? For more, please, go to: https://wp1.nlfji.org/290 Also, if you want to watch the entire series, please, go to: https://NLFJI.org/ACTS/