Core Requirements

We are Praying for at least 2-5 Core Families  that :

    • meet the requirements of “potential” leadership according to 1 Timothy 3:1-13, and Titus 1:5-9.
    • agree with our Statement of Faith, Distinctives, & Constitutional Covenant.
    • agree with our Vision and Purpose – and – with our Overall Philosophy of Ministry  (i.e. you have no “hidden” agendas – see for more on this)
    • must have a Faithful, Consistent and Rich Daily Devotional Life with God in the Bible and Prayer, etc.
    • are Consistent, Faithful, Available, Teachable, Responsible, and Usable by God.
    • are consistent and faithful with the Church Planting Related Activities and Duties and have a good habit of following through on things.
    • do NOT have dysfunctional marriages or family lives.
    • do NOT have busy lifestyles.
    • are AVAILABLE to have Wednesday evening/night free, at least some time free during the weekend (especially Sunday morning into the afternoon (for lunch after our Worship Celebration)), and are AVAILABLE and COMMITTED to be used of God within and through the “Founding-LIFE Group” Activities. (i.e. our First LIFE Group, the founding LIFE Group)
    • have stable income & if you are employed – hours worked should probably not be over 55 hours per week (max) (this includes commuting) … this limitation on hours worked for employment is due to the fact that this church planting endeavor will take some quality, focused time & energy; thus if one is working too much, both family and this endeavor/mission will suffer.
    • have made NEW LIFE Fellowship their only church family, fully supporting her in prayer, time, talents, and treasures, from the point of joining the Proto-Cell Group (i.e.: this means that you are not members of any other local church nor are you involved with any other local church ministries on a “normal” and “on-going” basis, etc… this is so that you can focus completely on this church planting venture)
    • are NOT involved in any other kind of ministry and/or para-church ministry organizations or organizations like that, due to the fact that you will need to have a tremendous amount of focus on this church planting venture and not have your time divided between other kinds of ministries and/or other kinds of “community” activities, etc. Living normal life, marriage, family, work… is about enough for most folks… therefore,  being involved in other kinds of activities may cause your gifted effort in this venture to be diminished quite a bit.  Something to think about before throwing your “hat into the ring”, so to speak.
    • are fluent with speaking the English Language, since we are reaching out to the Normal Majority of our surrounding culture.  In the future, after this Church is planted, we may consider reaching out to other language groups and those with disabilities with the English Language, etc.

Please think of this Church Planting Venture as any other kind of Missionary Church Planting Venture that might occur in some other foreign “overseas” country… just like what “missionaries” might do. That is exactly what we are doing with New LIFE Fellowship, except we are doing this here in our own country, state, and town.  Nothing is different, other than our location.  The Great Commission is still the same, regardless of our location and “station” in life. (see Matt. 28:18-20; Acts 1:8)

So… if you agree with this list of criteria and you wish to be a part of this team, please pray about it, and if God is speaking to your heart about joining, please obey God and CONTACT US.