The King of the North – the AntiChrist – Daniel 11:21-45

The King of the North – the AntiChrist – Daniel 11:21-45

Passage: Daniel 11:21-45
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Daniel 11:21-45 provides us with another angle from which to view this future Beast, the AntiChrist. The value of this passage is that is narrows down, even more, the geographical region from which his empire will arise. The AntiChrist will NOT come from the Roman Empire, but from the Seleucid Empire Region, and more specifically from the Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran region. Based on Revelation 2, relating to Pergamum, the "Throne of Satan" is located in modern-day Turkey.  We know that the Dragon, that Old Serpent, the Devil and Satan gives the Beast (the AntiChrist) his Throne in Revelation 13.  Thus, the Throne of Satan, the Central Seat of Satan's Earthly Empire, is located in Turkey. This is not a leap of faith, but just the plain reading of God's Word. We see that the old, fatally wounded Ottoman Empire is coming back to life, little bit, by little bit, every day. The Revitalized, Resurrected Neo-Ottoman Empire, the Seat of the Global Islamic Caliphate is coming back to life. Daniel 11:21-45 makes this prophetically and abundantly clear.
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