Peter & Cornelius – Gospel to the Gentiles – Part 1

Peter & Cornelius – Gospel to the Gentiles – Part 1

Passage: Acts 10:1-48
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The First Group of Gentiles, non-Jews, non-Israelis, Hear and Respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Never before had this happened, up that that point in time. The Apostle Peter was tasked to do this, but not without God's strong persuasion by a miraculous vision. What can we learn from his amazing, miraculous encounter between a Roman Centurion and a fisherman from Galilee? How does this cross-cultural encounter affect everyone involved?  How does this God-Orchestrated Event relate to us, today? What can we learn from this, to help us in our Gospel Mission in our neck of the woods, today? To find out more, please, watch the Video, online. Also, please download the PowerPoint and Bible Study Notes, as well. Also, please, let us know if you've been blessed by this message - Contact Us.  AND - if you want to go over the entire series, please, go to

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