The Fabric, Attitudes, Relationships, and Specific Pastoral Leadership of the local church are fueled by the Word of God, the Love of God, His Spiritual Gifts, and His Surrendered, Humble, Caring Disciples who are Servants of Christ - ready for the Battle as Warriors for Christ, for the Sake of the Gospel - the Great Commission.
Paul's Mission Team and Some Final Words - Romans 16:1-27 - Paul's Mission Team is introduced. He Warns and Encourages the church in Rome. Examples of Collaboration seen in deep and lasting Relationships in Gospel Ministry are explored. Finally, Warnings are heeded, and Triumphant & Victorious Encouragement of Missions Success are Anticipated and Expected . . .
Church - The Beginnings - Part 11 -- Healing at the Temple - Part 4 Bold, Evangelistic, Gospel-Spreading Prayer Did you know that Jesus and His Apostles gave us commands, principles, and examples of Evangelistic Prayer?  Is your Prayer-Life filled with Mission-Supporting, Evangelistic Prayer? Listen online, now, to learn how you can enhance your prayer-life with Evangelistic Prayer.
Why did Jesus choose Saul? The greatest of persecutors of the church, and he gets saved. How is that fair? What can we learn from this very, very UNIQUE event in History? How should this spur us on toward Prayer and Evangelism? For more, please, go to: Also, if you want to watch the entire series, please, go to: