Doctrinal Foundations: Romans – Foundations of the Gospel

Doctrinal Foundations: Romans – Foundations of the Gospel

Passage: Romans 1:1-16
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Doctrinal Foundations: Romans - Foundations of the Gospel

These teaching sessions go over the Foundations of the Book of Romans, along with the knowledge that Paul, the Apostle, did NOT plant this church. We go over a little bit of the background, historically, of how the church was started/planted, and some implications, etc.  There are 3 weeks of teachings in this one Posting - covering 11/09 thru 11/23/2104.  We were in the midst of forming a church planting team, at the time, so some of our sessions were not recorded, via audio or video, etc.  Also, some of the session notes are missing, etc., as well.  We do have some notes and some links below that will be helpful for you to understand the foundations of the book of Romans.

Links to Notes, Teachings, and Audio of Teachings:
- Some brief Historical Background of the starting/planting of the church in Rome
- Life Group Notes
- Core Message Foundation of the Gospel
- Romans Key Words Cheat Sheet
- Scriptures For Reading - Romans 1:16-20
- Study Notes for Romans 1:16-25
- Audio of the Teachings for Romans 1:16-25

In the 3rd Session - last item, listed above - Covering Romans 1:16-25, we look at the following:
Gospel and The Reality of Fallen Humans and God's Holy Wrath because of our Sin ...
The Suppression of Truth in Unrighteousness
The First and Second Stages of Corruption of Societies by SIN:

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